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Praise For Our Love Noire

"Two Words - fucking spectacular" - Vice Magazine.

" Album of the Year" - Indieheads

"So, what can we expect from ‘Our Love Noire’? It’s a journey, the sounds of a band successfully pursuing a quickening blend of elements from a diverse platter of alternative music. Keevill describes it as a “mixtape” – it gets super heavy in places (there are even shades of Black Metal in the monstrous, seven-minute ‘Get Darker’), it’s super fragile in others, it’s an album filled with rich layers and even at its heaviest moments, is beautiful throughout. ‘OLN’ was recorded in many different studios with several engineers and co-producers over a four year period – hence the mixtape tag. This approach was engendered by the anomalous circumstances (Keevill: “the less said about that, the better”) that led to the band’s split in 2016.

One thing is for sure, ‘Our Love Noire’, like ‘New Waves of Hope’ is certainly “up there with the most exciting Alt-Rock for a decade.”- XS Noize

"If there’s one thing you could never accuse Alex Keevill’s project The Microdance of, it’s under ambition.  Everything about ‘Our Love Noire’, the London-based band’s follow up to 2015’s amazingly received ‘New Waves of
Hope’, is cranked up to 11.  We’re not just talking guitars, although most of the 14 tracks here are typified by a trademark sound that resembles an avalanche or swirling storm of effects-laden riffs.  But beyond that, Keevil’s vocals are also set to an emotional overdrive that is rarely encountered in the oh-so-cool world of rock music." - Gigslutz

"Expect light and shade, visceral noise and delicate swoon, joy and sadness, all melded together in a heavy, heady brew. Drink this elixir, taste the flavours within, your heart and soul will thank you." - Keeper of the Gaze

"Writing and playing the majority of the music here, Keevill describes the album as ‘a mix tape affair’ with a much wider musical brief than its predecessor. ‘The Ride Today’, for instance, is built around a simple drum machine pattern, resembling later era Fleetwood Mac hijacking a song by The Cure.  ‘Beezlebubbles’ on the other hand, has the slacker haze and self -destructive distortion of Dinosaur Jr at their best, perhaps with a twist of kaleidoscopic Cocteau Twins dreampop on the side.

Even the most reflective moments, like the wonderfully named ‘Felicity Attacks’, ‘New Chord’ or closing track ‘Trick Parade’, have a fizzling intensity, mainly through Keevill’s broken, vulnerable moan of a vocal.  It’s hard not to get swamped in its melancholy and dragged along by the sheer emotional pull of them.

So, while ‘Our Love Noire’ may be a varied smorgasbord of styles, it’s one that’s still bound together by a very strong and powerful singular atmosphere and identity.  Not for the faint hearted, certainly, but then what great rock ‘n’ roll is?" - Freq Music

"The Microdance are set to drop their new album titled ‘Our Love Noire’ on June 19, 2020, via Somewherecold Records. And, with this review, we now get the complete picture. The first single, ‘Lovesick Kisses‘, was but a taste. Now we get the full meal. And ‘Our Love Noire’ is just that. With each track, we get something different, yet part of the collective. ‘Our Love Noire’ is a cacophony of audio landscapes within the same world but each with its own signature sound and definition." - Jammerzin

Praise for New Waves Of Hope


"Quite simply, The Microdance is up there with the best and most exciting alt-rock in a decade" - Vice Magazine


"Frighteningly brilliant; even at its heaviest, New Waves of Hope' is like the caress of that perfect lover you'll never have. 20 years ago, The Microdance would have been huge. That's not because their music sounds dated, it's because not many crave music of this weight, power and convincing emotional delivery anymore. They are a five listen band, the music is layered, deep and subtle... after my fifth listen, I was madly, deeply in love with a band that found that rare place in my heart that will see me come back for more for many years to come" - Pigeons and Planes


"... the music is a serious affair that won't leave your music library any time soon. The band combines the texture of shoegaze and fuzzy effects with the straight up power of yell-along alt-rock, up to the power of new-wave. It's all packaged seamlessly, not sounding like any other band making music. What The Microdance does is totally spellbinding." - Noisey


"New Waves of Hope is a glorious album, a masterpiece by anyone’s standards and what’s more – it is The Microdance’s debut; this can only bode auspiciously for the future of British alternative rock – I for one would be happy if these guys took up the mantle for the foreseeable future." - The Daily Cloth


"If a group of maybe one hundred of the best music-related writers in the world got together and put their collective thoughts down on paper, then they might be able to generate a review worth reading about this album, but no one mortal is capable of reviewing this on their own." - Raised By Gypsies


"And if, like me, you are late to the party, you seriously owe it to yourself to go and check them out - their debut album 'New Waves of Hope' is quite simply the most immense debut I've ever heard, and I'm old, I've heard many." - Guitar Quarterly


"New Waves of Hope’ is a beautiful album that will work its way deep into the minds of those prepared to give it a chance, and The Microdance deserve to be huge – take a trip with the band, you won’t regret it." - Sonic Abuse

 "the song (Making Plans for the End) itself is a masterpiece with earthy alt-rock riffs, a New Wave rhythm and powerful vocals that rise against a vast, atmospheric shoegaze backdrop" - Luna Paper


"New Waves of Hope’ is a coherent and cohesive amalgam, an intuitive and detailed odyssey, unconstrained by genre, it excels in delineating the transience of the corporeal realm." - Chromaticism 


"Upcoming album 'New Waves Of Hope' is the result. Fusing blissful shoegaze textures with a gothic sheen, the material soothes the eardrums while gently pulling at the heartstrings. Clash is able to premiere 'We Meet In Dreams' and its somnambulist tone is matched against a fading nostalgia." - Clash Magazine

Praise for The Microdance

"Blending the swooning majesty of The Smashing Pumpkins at their most tender with the rocking pop glory of early Suede, The Microdance deliver a meticulously crafted masterclass in atmospheric swirling post-punk shoegaze. Dreamy, ethereal and utterly bewitching." - Bloody Awful Poetry


"Transfix your senses with the sounds of their newest single "Get Darker" by The Microdance, the music scene will be forever shaken with a mega quake and then the ensuing tsunami of sonic wave greatness like never before heard in the genres of #heavymetal (with the natural sounding very strong lyrics of Alex Keevill), flowing like the strongest currents of the Nile river with #alternativerock guitar sound, influenced by just the right degree of #shoegaze; this forthcoming album will drop like a 50 megaton sonic bomb and blow everyone into sonic heaven." - Shoegazer Sanctuary Music Joe S. Giangrave


"Even if you’re not really into this genre, you just can’t turn it off. It’s weird, but there’s something always there, that captures you and keeps you in this thick dimension, and when the songs end you want to play them again. When I listen to both songs, (especially “Come Back To Me My Lover in the Sky”) I want to walk a street in New York City wearing tight blue-jeans, Chuck Taylors and a jacket, in Manhattans mid-autumn. In fact, why wasn’t the video shot there?


I’d want these tracks on vinyl. This is one album I gotta own, even if I’m a metal-head." - Flick of the Finger

"Well worth a listen!" - The Joy Formidable

"We’re gradually seeing that British guitar music is in safe hands again." The Sound of Confusion

"being in pole position to lead the charge of British Guitar Bands back to the forefront of the industry." - Right Chord Music

"Favourite New Acts 2014." - Drowned in Sound

"The Microdance is a London based band who succeed in their efforts to encompass everything that is exciting about alternative music under one umbrella; mixing styles from 80's synth pop to 90's alt rock and shoegaze the band even throw in the odd crushing heavy metal moment and alt. country ballad." - All Access magazine.

"These guys really do represent a shining hope for interesting British band music. They are different to a lot of the popular bands out there, but maybe because they dare to be." -

"(Hippo Highway) "What begins as a hazy, slow-spun cut of shoegaze soon becomes an almighty rush of stormy indie rock, where pulsing bass tones and unforgiving riffs tear up the sonic terrain as frontman Alex Keevill’s wild howl effortlessly melds with the dreamy hush of Abigail Hardiman. Yet another rock opus courtesy of The Microdance that’s majestic from start to finish" - Luna Paper


"Blurring the lines between genres, The Microdance move from electric energy to dark ambience at will - Amazing." - Spoonfed


"The Microdance sound like Pains Of Being Pure At Heart if they listened to too much Black Angels and donned a larger set of nuts. They go shoegaze with strung-out undertones of C86 but also show they have the ability to erupt into post-rock peaks and retain melody." - Spoonfed



"The Microdance’s ‘The Ride Today’ is the calling from a different world. While I can’t be sure what the world contains, it promises to be one full of spellbinding shoegaze melodies and captivating vocals that make the distance between our world and theirs a bit easier to live with." - Mytacism Music



"The Microdance are an unambiguous example of pure musicianship and 'shoulder to the wheel' contemporary shoegaze. At last: a young London band who rightfully succeed in fusing unashamedly self-indulgent pop songs with humble hard-hitting rock. An immaculate singer-songwriter to band balance allows for a truly harmonious collective sound." - Skies Are Rare Blog


"Time for some Shoegaze! The Microdance have announced the release of their double A-side The Ride Today / Come Back To Me My Lover In The Sky, which is out now. The Ride Today  sits perfectly in line with The Microdance’s idyllic and dreamy qualities, with its stirring harmonies and tender guitar lines. I am LOVING it!!" - Caesar Live 'N' Loud

"I can definitely see this band being enjoyed by a sun soaked crowd on a festival stage, which should materialize quite soon for them if they keep up their strong live performance and keep writing such captivating material." - Altsounds

"Get Dark, which comprises of four tracks of atmospheric pop-rock-shoegaze bliss and the material translates considerably well live, with the energy of the record being expressed tenfold in person." - Altsounds

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